Marcus Briggs

MARCUS BRIGGS – Corporate Development and Finance

MarcusMarcus Briggs is Non Executive Director of Corporate Development and Finance. Marcus is relied upon to manage several key strategic areas. His role includes sourcing new opportunities, liaising and negotiating the best possible terms whilst forming solid partnerships to ensure ongoing success in all areas of the business.

Marcus is renowned for his skills in negotiating at a senior managerial and corporate level. He took a senior role for Citi Group as Vice President. Marcus gained valuable experience whilst working at Citi and has extensive experience within the bullion markets. Marcus has offices in the UK, Middle East and Africa Marcus has been very active with numerous personal investments.

Marcus grew his contacts and links extensively within the private security business having been a Director on the Board of a Dubai based Ugandan Security company that was supplying trained armed guards to the Middle East, mainly Iraq and Afghanistan. Through this venture Marcus has been able to build up an extensive network of Gold Sellers and Purchasers throughout the Middle East and Africa.

Marcus has a strong and diverse background in finance and accounting using this experience he has been focused on analyzing, implementing and developing key growth areas of the business as well as liquidity and financial forecasting.

Additionally he is directly responsible for budgeting, cost management, cost benefit analysis and daily and monthly reporting on the Icon Gold’s financial positions. He has a great understanding of how to source and evaluate investment opportunities using extensive due diligence and maximizing returns for both the company and investors.