Icon Gold has created a structure to allow both their existing and new clients to benefit from opportunities that would not normally be available in the market place to stand alone investors. Icon Gold is able to give investors access to segments or smaller portions of a total investment needed to trade physical gold without the large amount of capital which is normally required.

All our Investors have the confidence of knowing that every Icon Gold offering has:

•    A minimum of 30% committed funds for each investment by Icon Gold directors.
•    Developed with the focus of a success-driven philosophy.
•    Undergone independent due diligence and research.
•    Utilized a bespoke structure specially designed for both high and low net worth investors.
•    Returns with an average of 22% annually.
•    12-36 month investment periods.
•    Access to multiple currencies.
•    Tax free investments within UAE.

Icon is constantly analyzing future opportunities for our investors with a diverse portfolio of handpicked projects to offer them. Icon continues to work in complete partnership with their clients to maximize their investments and continually build ongoing relationships whilst always delivering on time and exceeding client’s expectations.