Terms and Procedures

Africa: If you are a Miner, Gold Producer or Seller and would like to work with Icon Gold in Africa we can offer the following:

  • A secure compound where assaying, smelting and refinery can take place in Kampala, Uganda.
  • Icon can purchase raw dore bar or gold dust, however for Gold dust we will smelt this into dore bar before the Assay is made.
  • Icon can pay cash on the spot or can assist to arrange export through Icon’s Minerals Dealers License to Dubai, UAE. In Dubai the best selling prices will be paid.
  • Icon has a team of experience professionals that can run full Assays for Water Density methods, XRF method and Fire Assay.
  • Icon has a full security service that can assist both buyers and sellers in Uganda to help transport both money and gold.
  • Icon can provide a fully insured secure vault with 24hr security. This enables Icon to store gold on behalf of clients and allows us to pay cash on the spot.
  • Icon has full banking facilities within Uganda and can assist their clients to transfer and arrange funds.

Dubai: If you are a Miner, Gold Producer or Trader and would like to work with Icon Gold the following basic steps should be noted before business commences:

  • Any new Seller needs to complete a basic application form about what services they would like Icon Gold to assist them with.
  • Once Icon Gold is satisfied then Icon will be happy to discuss, negotiate and finalize the terms and scope of the work.
  • Icon Gold can import and clear gold through DMCC Dubai Customs Centre on behalf of the Seller. Icon can also organize secure transport to move the goods to the destination required by the seller, whether it be assaying, refining or selling.
  • The Assay report made in Dubai will be the final and binding assay for both weight and purity if the Gold is to be sold to or on behalf of Icon Gold.
  • The Clients selling price will be based on the 2nd fixing of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) price on the day of Assay.
  • Icon can arrange the payment in either cash, Managers Cheque or Wire Transfer to the sellers designated account. Only at this point will the ownership of the gold be transferred from the Seller, please note that until payment is made in full to the seller the ownership will stay in the name of the seller and under their supervision at all times.
  • Important Note: Icon Gold will only work with suppliers or traders that can supply gold in the form or nuggets or dore bars, we will not work with gold dust under any circumstances.

Icon Gold is happy to assist any seller to arrange visit visas to Dubai or advise on best suited accommodations in Dubai. This will be at the expense of the seller; however if the transactions are successful these expenses can then be reimbursed in full back to the seller.

Please use the contact us page and we will get back to you to make the necessary arrangements for your requirements.