i)    Investing

Icon Gold has a dedicated division of investment specialists that are accountable for a large investment fund specifically set up to issue banking instruments and guarantees to miners and other traders for monthly supply contracts. In addition Icon Gold is able to provide investment capital on smaller levels to active miners to assist with the purchase of equipment or expand the mining operation once extensive due diligence and in depth research has been carried out. investing in gold call us?

ii)    Mining

Icon Gold can now provide their clients, miners and gold producers with in depth and detailed efficiency and productivity surveys mines. Icon will arrange for site visits with professionals to overlook the mining operations and develop and implement a strategy to systemically increase the efficiency of production and increase the mining outputs of raw gold.

iii)    Assaying

Icon Gold can provide comprehensive assaying services to their clients, and only works with government registered assayers with a strong reputation in the business. Icon guarantees reliable, precise results courtesy of Fire Assay techniques and by following ISO 11426:1997 standards. Icon can also offer assay by the less destructive form of X-Ray Fluoresce testing which is suitable for normal basic assaying requirements.

iv)    Refining

Icon Gold can provide refining services using recognized and accredited refiners within Dubai. A range of brands are available including DMCC accredited refiners and LBMA accredited refiners. In order to maintain these exact standards, Icon employs the use of cutting-edge technology, machinery and an extremely professional operation. The Company employs experts to over look the operation from the raw material to the refined bars which are produced to a 995 or 999.9 fineness. The finished product is widely accepted and traded by renowned international banks, bullion dealers, jewellery traders and manufacturers all across the world.

v)    Vending

Due to Icon Gold being headquartered in the tax-free Emirate of Dubai, the sales division of Icon Gold is perfectly situated to provide a sales service of either unfinished raw gold or refined bullion at extremely competitive selling prices to a range of ready and waiting buyers. Dubai is known worldwide as the City of Gold and is a trading hub for precious metals that attracts wholesale customers eager to buy globally sourced gold in one convenient location, thus making Icon Gold the perfect partner to entrust the sale of your product to.